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Aquasana® AQ-4000 Basic Under Counter Installation Kit:<br>AQ-4050

Your Aquasana® AQ-4000 Water Filtration System promises great health benefits to your entire household.* With the Basic Under Counter Installation Kit it takes only minutes to get clean, filtered water flowing from your new kitchen tap.

The installation kit fits neatly under your sink and quietly works for you with the touch of a button. There’s even a helpful, short installation video to guide you through the process. But, there’s nothing complicated about installing your Aquasana® Filtration System. No special tools or plumbing skills are required. You’ll get a mounting bracket plus a supply line to connect to your kitchen water supply and the chrome push button faucet that’s color coded to make installation even more clear and simple. Installation takes most people 20-30 minutes from start to finish to enjoying that first glass of delicious Aquasana® filtered water.

The Aquasana® AQ-4000 Filtration System is an ideal choice for families concerned with long term health. The highly efficient filtration system is a great value with great results. For seven straight years Consumer Digest Magazine identified the Aquasana® Filtration System as a Best Buy. Aquasana® filters remove and reduce many chemicals found in tap water that, in high enough amounts or over extended time, pose serious health threats. For example, families with young children are protected against the presence of lead in some tap water systems. This heavy metal can have devastating effects on the growth and development of children, as well as being dangerous to people with fragile systems. The Aquasana water filter removes at least 99% of lead from tap water.

The Aquasana® Filter also treats tap water for other contaminants such as MTBE, benzene, TCE, pesticides and more. Tested under the most rigorous conditions, Aquasana® filtered water emerges as a leader in clean water technology. The Under Counter Installation Kit helps to put you quickly on the road to a healthier, safer lifestyle.

*The AQ-4000 Countertop Filtration System is sold separately.


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