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Evolve! Become one of the growing number of people who are saying “No” to environmentally unsound plastic water bottles, and carry your favorite drink in an AquaKoozy™! This attractive neoprene carrier holds your Aquasana® 750ml Glass Water Decanter Bottle.

Today, it’s no secret that water in plastic bottles has taken a serious toll on the environment. It takes millions of barrels of crude oil to produce bottles that meet America’s annual demand for bottled water. More of this limited natural resource is consumed as truckloads of bottled waters are hauled across the country and delivered from warehouses to retail outlets. The waste doesn’t stop there! Empty plastic bottles end up in landfills where they take 1000 years or more to deteriorate. Plastic bottles that are actually recycled start the entire energy consumption process all over again. For this reason many government agencies and organizations are no longer providing employees with water in plastic bottles.

So, while it may be great that American’s appreciate the importance of drinking plenty of water, it’s also clear that materials and methods need changing. You can fill your Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle from your kitchen tap – that’s hopefully equipped with an Aquasana® water filter. Tuck the bottle into the snug, blue AquaKoozy and enjoy a refreshing drink of tasty filtered water wherever you go.

To make the case for carrying your own filtered water even stronger, the issue of water quality carries the day. Most people think that water in plastic bottles comes from pristine sources and is treated and cleaned. Recent studies by scientists paint a far different picture. Some bottled waters the group tested contained serious contaminants – including traces of rocket fuel. Other bottled water was no more than untreated tap water with a “refreshing” label. Water that comes from your own Aquasana® home filtration system is certified by independent testing agencies and not only meets national standards for removal of contaminants but also exceeds them.

When you tuck your reusable Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle of filtered water into your AquaKoozy™ you’re letting the world know that you’re part of the solution to a global challenge. Order your affordable, durable and machine washable AquaKoozy™ today!


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