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Aquasana®  Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Pack #2:<br>AQ-4205

With the Aquasana® Combo Pack #2* your family will enjoy the significant benefits of clean, filtered water for drinking as well as for showering.

Most people recognize the importance of drinking water that’s contaminant free and healthy. After all, our bodies are 70% water and need several glasses of water every day to keep internal systems in top condition. The Aquasana® Countertop Water Filtration System is America’s favorite because the powerful dual-filter is so effective in removing potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants from tap water. Aquasana® water not only tastes much better than tap water, it’s also a great boost to your health.

But filtered shower water? Yes, shower water can affect your overall health and wellness. Some studies indicate that shower water is significantly more contaminated than drinking water. That means your body can absorb harsh chemicals and that, as water vapor rises in your shower or bath, you breathe in these toxins. The Aquasana® Shower Filter treats and removes potentially dangerous chemicals including 99% of chlorine that’s used to sanitize tap water. Chlorine dries out skin and makes hair brittle. The Aquasana® Filter does such a good job at improving skin and hair condition that it was named Product of the Year by Cosmetology Today Magazine.

The AQ-4000 Countertop Filter comes equipped with everything you need to easily install the system. The filter cartridges deliver cleaned water for six months before an affordable replacement filter is needed.

Your AQ-4105 Shower Filter includes a convenient Handheld Massage Shower Wand that’s ideal for filling the tub, gently washing the baby and giving yourself a pleasant and leisurely shower. The shower wand even lets you adjust the water pressure to your liking. The 2-stage shower filter gives you six months of optimal cleaning before it’s time for a replacement.

The Aquasana® Combo Pack #2 delivers both health benefits as well as great value for your investment.

*Includes the AQ-4000 and the AQ-4105


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