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Aquasana® Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Pack #6:<br>Brushed Nickel Faucet<br>AQ-4225BN

Now your family can experience the best that Aquasana® Water Filtration Systems has to offer.* This is the ultimate combination package from America’s top rated water filter company and includes Aquasana’s Countertop Filtration System and the space saving Under Counter Installation Kit that ensures your access to clean and delicious filtered tap water. In addition, the combo pack includes Aquasana’s popular Shower Filtration System with the Handheld Massage Shower Wand – all aimed at pampering your body with shower water as nature intended it to be – gentle and nourishing.

With Aquasana clean water technology you’ll enjoy the benefits of water that’s been filtered of chemicals and contaminants that enter public water systems from a variety of sources – from industry and agriculture to natural erosion of toxic deposits such as asbestos and lead. Aquasana’s Countertop Filtration System features a dual cartridge system that removes and reduces contaminants from drinking water. Producing 30 gallons of filtered water per hour, most families find many uses for water from an Aquasana® faucet – use it to make hot beverages, for cooking, infant formula and cool glasses of lemonade in the summertime!

With the compact and easy to install under counter kit, it takes little time or expertise to get the Aquasana® water filter up and working for your family. The system is virtually maintenance free and comes with everything you need, from clear and simple installation instructions to all the parts you’ll to install your new system under your sink. You’ll soon be set for six months of great tasting, safe Aquasana® water before it’s time for a replacement filter.

You’ll enjoy the same Aquasana quality with the luxurious Shower Filtration System. When harsh chemicals and chlorine are removed from shower water, your skin and hair benefits from pure moisture. In addition, when water turns to vapor, you won’t be breathing chemicals that can be harmful to many people with sensitive respiratory systems.

With Aquasana’s premium combo pack you can have total confidence in water quality each time you turn on the tap. Invest in your family’s total health with Aquasana® filtered water!

*Includes the AQ-4000, the AQ-4055BN and the AQ-4105


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