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Aquasana® Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Pack #3:<br>AQ-4210

Water is basic to life. An unfortunate side effect of progress and new technology is a negative impact on both earth’s air and water quality. Fortunately, that same innovative spirit led Aquasana® Water Filtration Systems to develop effective technologies to counteract contamination of water supplies. Now, Aquasana offers a special package that combines its deluxe Drinking Water System with the company’s award-winning Shower Filtration System. The drinking and shower pack combo pack #3* also includes a basic under counter installation kit for the drinking water filter.

Both water filtration systems remove and reduce a number of contaminants. Higher water quality means that your family is better protected from chemicals such as MTBE, toluene, benzene and volatile organic chemicals that, over time, can pose serious health threats.

The Aquasana® Drinking Water Filter comes with a cartridge set and faucet adapter. The under counter installation kit includes everything you need to get your system quickly and easily operational without special tools or technical know-how. The dual cartridge filter cleans tap water for six months before it’s time to snap in a replacement filter. You’ll get 30 gallons per hour of sparkling clean, safe Aquasana® water. Use it to make hot and cold beverages taste better, for cooking, baking – anytime the taste and quality of water are important in your food preparation.

The Aquasana® Shower Filtration System offers two important benefits. Because the effective filter removes chlorine, your hair and skin will be softer. And, the filtering action also removes and reduces other contaminants that become vapor you breathe when showering or bathing. This feature is particularly important for people with asthma, allergies or respiratory problems.

Aquasana® Filtration Systems have been named “Best Buys” by Consumers Digest Magazine because they are both affordable and effective. Purchase your Combo Pack #3 today and begin enjoying Aquasana® benefits tomorrow!

*Includes the AQ-4000, the AQ-4050 and the AQ-4100


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