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Aquasana® Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Pack #4:<br>AQ-4215

Take advantage of the opportunity to own two of Aquasana’s most popular products in one convenient package. The top rated Deluxe Drinking Water filter with a basic under counter installation kit brings clean, safe water to your kitchen. Add to that the Aquasana® Shower Filtration System with its Handheld Massage Shower Wand and you have a combo to delight all the healthy senses.*

The Aquasana® Drinking Water filter is one of the top rated systems in the U.S. For seven years in a row this effective system was identified as a Best Buy in Consumer reports Magazine – that means a great combination of effectiveness and value for your family! Your twin filter counter top system comes with cartridges that need replacement only twice a year and the basic under counter installation kit is easy for anyone to use.

Most important, however, is what the Aquasana® Drinking Water Filter does to improve the quality of tap water. The dual filters remove potentially harmful byproducts of chlorine, reduce 99% of lead and similar amounts of MTBE and a host of other contaminants before they flow from your kitchen tap. You’ll be confident about water you use for drinking, cooking, making hot and cold beverages and other products your family consumes.

With the Combo Pack #4 Aquasana also includes its powerful Shower Filtration System. Like the drinking filter, Aquasana’s Shower filter was a Consumers Digest “Best Buy” and was also named “Product of the Year” by Cosmetology Today Magazine. This latter distinction is recognition that Aquasana® filtered shower water improves the condition of skin and hair because harsh chemicals – such as chlorine – are removed by the filter. But, the shower filter also has another health benefit. With contaminants reduced and removed, the water vapor breathed during a shower is clean and pure. This is particularly important for people with respiratory sensitivities.

Choose the Aquasana® Drinking and Shower Combo Pack #4 and start reaping the benefits – inside and out – of clean, filtered water from America’s trusted water filtration experts.

*Includes the AQ-4000, the AQ-4050 and the AQ-4105


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