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Aquasana® Drinking Water and Shower Filtration Systems Combo Pack #5:<br>Polished Chrome Faucet<br>AQ-4220PC

Invest in quality drinking water and shower with water that’s nearly chlorine free with the Aquasana® Drinking and Shower Combo Pack #5.* It’s a long term investment in your family’s good health!

Our bodies are 70% water. It’s no wonder that medical and nutritional experts advise us to drink plenty of glasses of water every day. But, the quality of that water is perhaps more important than the amount. Aquasana® water filtration systems replace concerns about water quality with confidence each time you turn on the kitchen tap or enjoy a hot shower.

Deluxe Aquasana® water filters operate with an effective dual action filter that removes and reduces known contaminants that frequently appear in public water systems. Purity of water is critical in some regions of the U.S. where industrial, agricultural and manufacturing activities leach contaminants into water supplies. Even with effective water sanitation systems regulated by the EPA, contamination continues to appear in unfiltered tap water. Certainly, no one wants traces of lead, toluene, MTBE and other health-threatening chemicals in a glass of drinking water. The ultimate Aquasana® drinking water system with its convenient deluxe under counter installation kit is one of the nation’s top rated water filtration systems.

Now, that premier drinking water filter is offered in a special combination package that includes Aquasana’s effective Shower Filtration System. Why is it important for shower water to also be clean? Chlorine that’s typically added to public water systems is notorious for drying out the skin and hair. With Aquasana® filtered water, customers report softer skin and silkier hair within a week of regular use. Beyond these cosmetic effects, the filtered shower water also removes harsh and potentially harmful chemicals from water vapor we breathe during each shower. The Aquasana® showering experience benefits your body inside and out.

The drinking water filter provides your family with safe water for less than 10 cents a gallon and filters need replacement only twice a year. Aquasana® healthy showers for your family cost just 23 cents a day. Invest in the affordable Aquasana® Drinking and Shower Combo Pack #5 and enjoy quality water in your home!

*Includes the AQ-4000, the AQ-4056PC with a Polished Chrome Faucet and the AQ-4100


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