Click to enlargeAquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle 6-Pack:<br>AQ-6000

Now, with an Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle you can be part of the solution to one of the biggest environmental challenges of recent decades – the saturation of plastic water bottles in the marketplace and the disposal of bottles in landfills. At the same time, you can be very confident that your Aquasana bottle holds tasty, filtered water that’s safe for you and your family wherever you may roam.

By choosing filtered water for your home you’ve already made a statement about health consciousness. You don’t want to ingest potentially harmful chemicals when all you want is a refreshing, healthy drink of water. You don’t want the taste and odor of chlorine; you want water that’s 99% lead free; you like the idea that Aquasana® water is 99.99% free of organic cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia. In short, you want to trust the source of your drinking water.

Aquasana was rated the top water filter in America for seven years in a row by Consumer Digest. Aquasana® water and is certified by the Underwriters Laboratory. In fact, Aquasana not only strives to meet top water quality standards, the company seeks to exceed those filtration standards. Now, with Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottles, you and your family can take this assured quality water on all your outings.

Not only do you know your drinking water is filtered for contaminants and chemicals, you also can feel good about the environmentally friendly, reusable glass containers. An Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle contains no BPA or phthalate that leaches from plastic bottles, and your glass bottle is completely recyclable and reusable. Both the production and disposal of plastic water bottles has become an international environmental concern. Governments and organizations everywhere are discouraging the purchase of water in plastic bottles. Your Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle makes you a conscientious, aware citizen of the world.

For your body, for the earth – carry your drinking water in an affordable Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle.


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