Click to enlargeAquasana® Handheld Massage Shower Wand:<br>AQ-4105.1

Take your Aquasana® Shower Filter one step further with the Handheld Shower Wand. Replace the deluxe shower head that comes with the Aquasana® AQ-4100 Shower Filtration System with the Shower Wand and enjoy new, healthy options for the entire family.

The Handheld Massage Shower Wand features a long hose that makes it easy to fill the bath tub with Aquasana® filtered water. An adjustable collar swivels to adapt water pressure to your comfort or to gently wash your baby. Installation of the Aquasana® Shower Wand is fast and easy but provides long lasting benefits for you and your family.

There was a time when people wouldn’t think twice about the quality of shower water. But, as municipal water systems absorb an increasing number of chemicals and contaminants, there are growing concerns about the water we put in and “on” our bodies. For example, chlorine is commonly used to sanitize tap water and the chemical is quite effective in removing harmful bacteria. However, chlorine has its downside. It is a chemical that is harsh for the skin and hair and diminishes the body’s natural oils. The Aquasana Shower Filter removes 99% of chlorine and many customers say they experience softer skin and healthier hair within a week of use.

A hot shower also has an effect inside your body. Part of enjoying a steamy shower is breathing in water vapor that clears sinuses and seems to invigorate the respiratory system. However, if those vapors contain contaminants and chemicals, the dangers likely outweigh the benefits. Your Aquasana® Shower Filtration System removes a full menu of chemicals that are not healthy to breathe. People with respiratory problems are particularly susceptible to harm from contaminants in water vapor.

A Handheld Massage Shower Wand delivers all these benefits with ease and comfort. Your Aquasana shower or bath will be a pleasure for your entire body – inside and out!


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