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You know how important it is to drink filtered water. Perhaps you already have an Aquasana® Water Filtration System in your home and your entire family is enjoying the benefits of clean, safe and tasty water. Now, you can get that same protection and taste when you’re on the go with the Aquasana® Purity® Sports Filter Bottle.

Like lots of people, you may have been purchasing water in plastic bottles to take with you on your travels. Although this is a statement about the importance of water, the bottled water craze is now showing up as an environmental disaster. From production to disposal, plastic bottles are creating a worldwide problem. The Purity® Sport Filter Bottle filter is personal water technology that gives people what they want – portable, clean water – without environmental downsides.

This easy to grip 20 ounce bottle has an internal filter that treats water from any tap and makes it taste better while filtering for contaminants. Take it with you in the car, to the gym, the office and wherever life takes you. Refill the lightweight Purity® Sport Filter Bottle and enjoy both great taste and the security of knowing your water is clean!

The filter cartridge removes the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine, removes 99% of lead and reduces a host of other chemicals that are commonly found in tap water. Your Purity® Sport Filter Bottle comes with three filter cartridges, ready to snap into place when a filter needs replacing. Each Purity® filter cartridge cleans 40 gallons of water – that’s about 60 days of filtering power.

If you’ve been buying bottled water you know that the dollars quickly add up – along with the empties that end up in landfills. With the Purity® Sport Filter Bottle from Aquasana you’ll get great water for about $2 a week. This affordable and portable Purity® Sport Filter Bottle is a smart way to make sure you have filtered water wherever you roam.


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