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If your family has been enjoying the benefits of a Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System, you won’t want to miss a day of the safety and security provided by this effective filtration system.

This premier Aquasana product filters 300,000 gallons of water that serves an average family of four with 100,000 gallons of clean water each year. To keep your whole house filtration system in optimum condition, it’s important to install a Rhino® Replacement Filter Module close to the end of the filter’s lifespan. It requires no special tools or skills to replace the 3-stage, dual filter. Once in place, your Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System is generally maintenance free – install it, turn on the tap and enjoy another three years of filtered water for cooking, preparing infant formula, drinking, showering, bathing and more.

High Expectations

Your Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System represents the extremely high standards of Aquasana, manufactured by Sun Water Systems in Texas. The company demands more than meeting national standards – Aquasana strives to exceed those standards when it comes to water filtration effectiveness and the performance of its products.

Aquasana filtration measurement of common contaminants is performed under conditions that replicate most municipal water systems, complete with sediment and particles commonly found in tap water. Many other water filtration products test their systems in less authentic environments. Even in Aquasana’s more challenging testing conditions, Aquasana® water filters performed better than competitors.

Tapping Water’s Impurities

What kinds of impurities and contaminants might be found in tap water? Some analysts say there are thousands of chemicals that come from both natural and manmade sources. Among those contaminants is lead. All certified water filters significantly reduce lead. Aquasana tested its products using water that contained a level of lead that was 10% higher than required for certification. The result of the 500 gallon test was lead free water. This incomparable quality provides comfort to families with small children since lead is particularly dangerous to youngsters – and to others with vulnerable immune systems.

The Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System also removes 99.99% of cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia, 99% of chlorine byproducts, CE and Benzene and equally high levels of other contaminants.

More than Skin Deep

All this is great news when you’re thinking about drinking water for your family. But, water that is free of harmful contaminants benefits your body inside and out! People showering and bathing with Aquasana® filtered water report smoother skin and healthier-looking hair.

The powerful and proven Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System provides health benefits that are priceless. However, this Aquasana system is the best value on the water filtration market! It costs you less than $20 a month to provide your family with total access to clean, filtered water throughout your house. You’ve invested in a Rhino® Water Filtration System for your home. Make sure to keep it working for your family with a Rhino® Replacement Filter Module for another three years of Aquasana quality, clean water.


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