Click to enlargeAquasana Shower Filter System: AQ-4100

There’s nothing like a hot shower to wake you up and make you ready for a great day. But when your shower comes from an Aquasana filtration system you’ll get benefits beyond your expectations!

Tap water contains chlorine that robs your skin of natural oils and dries out your hair – much like water in a swimming pool. Unfortunately, tap water often contains higher concentrations of chlorine than most pools.

The sophisticated two-stage filter that’s at the heart of the Aquasana Shower Filter System gets rid of chlorine and results in softer skin and silky hair. The first stage of the Aquasana filter also balances the natural Ph in tap water, adding to the beneficial cosmetic effects. Stage two of the filtration process attacks and reduces the presence of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and trihalomethanes – byproducts of chlorination that may be hazardous to health.

This effective filtration has additional benefits for the human body. A hot shower produces plenty of water vapor – steam that we breathe as we enjoy a shower. Without filtration of tap water, that vapor contains whatever contaminants are present in the municipal water supply. We take all this into our lungs and respiratory system. With the Aquasana® Shower Filter, that vapor no longer sends potentially harmful chemicals into our internal systems. The absence of contaminants is particularly important to people with asthma and other respiratory sensitivities.

The powerful Aquasana® Shower Filtration System comes with the two-stage cartridge that filters water for about six months before a replacement cartridge is needed. The deluxe Niagara Shower Head that’s also included in the package adjusts water pressure to your personal comfort.

The cost of protecting the health of your family with the Aquasana® Shower Filtration System is surprisingly affordable at just 23 cents a day! Say goodbye to chlorine and contaminants in your daily shower and breathe in the benefits of Aquasana filtered water.


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