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Aquasana Shower Filter System w/ Handheld Massage Wand: AQ-4105

The handheld massage wand on the Aquasana® Shower Filter soothes and gently cleans your body with a feature that allows you to adapt water pressure for your comfort. Look forward to softer skin and silkier hair within days!

Tap water contains high levels of chlorine – the chemical used to kill bacteria in municipal water systems. As any swimmer knows, chlorine quickly dries out hair and skin. What most people don’t know is that many public water systems contain even more chlorine than is typically used in a swimming pool! With an Aquasana® Shower Filter, you won’t be getting a daily shower of chlorinated water that deprives your body of natural oils.

But the Aquasana Shower Filter offers more than cosmetic improvements. The two-stage shower filter not only removes the chlorine, it also filters out volatile organic chemicals and trihalomethanes (THMs) that are used as solvents by certain industries. THMs are suspected carcinogens and known environmental pollutants.

Why should you care about these and other chemicals in a shower? Your skin absorbs water and, as you enjoy a hot shower, you also inhale the vapors. This factor is particularly important for people with vulnerable respiratory systems – such as those with asthma.

The Aquasana Shower Filter delivers clean and refreshing water along with health benefits you’ll quickly notice. The two stage filter adjusts the Ph balance of water while removing the chlorine from tap water. The first stage also uses cutting edge water treatment technology comprised of a blend of copper and zinc. Called KDF-55D®, the filtration medium oxidizes chlorine and is much more effective than carbon filter treatments.

The second stage of the Aquasana® Shower Filter treatment gets rid of the harmful chemicals that become vaporized in your shower. The result of this dual filter system is clean water that treats your skin and hair gently, like a warm rain from Mother Nature!

The Aquasana Shower Filtration System comes with a Niagara shower head that adjusts water pressure to your personal comfort. Each shower cartridge cleans efficiently for about 6 months. That means you’ll only have to replace your shower cartridge twice a year.

Your family can experience the pleasures of the Aquasana® Shower Filter System for just 23 cents a day.


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