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It’s great to have plenty of clean and tasty water at your side wherever you go. Now, with Aquasana’s stylish Earth Tote you can carry a 750ml Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottle of excellent filtered water comfortably. Slip your glass bottle into the reinforced burlap tote, slip the shoulder strap on and you’re ready to be on the move.

A View Window on the tote makes a stylish statement about your concern for personal health and the environment. Consider the quality of water we drink. Plain, unfiltered tap water varies in quality from one region of the country to the next. Most tap water is treated chlorine to destroy harmful bacteria. The presence of this chemical often gives tap water an unpleasant taste and odor, making it unappealing to drink. In addition, the treatment produces chemical byproducts that are raising some health concerns.

Tap water may also contain various levels of contaminants and chemicals that pose health threats. For example, traces of lead have been found in water systems along with residual chemicals from pesticides, fertilizers and manufacturing activities.

Of course, not all water systems contain these contaminants and tap water in America is generally safe. Nonetheless, millions of families choose to protect themselves with an effective Aquasana® water filter that removes and reduces many contaminants, along with improving the taste of water. Once people enjoy the benefits of safe, clean water at home it’s natural to want that same protection while traveling, hiking or going to the gym. With the Earth Tote it’s easy to bottle your own Aquasana® filtered water and have a refreshing drink close at hand.

The Earth Tote also gives a hand to the environment. The glass bottle inside the Tote is reusable and doesn’t harm the environment like disposable plastic bottles. Aquasana® customers value the taste and clean nourishment they get from Aquasana® filtered water. Adding the Earth Tote is just another natural step in the journey to better health for ourselves and the planet.


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