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Take a supply of healthy filtered water with you on picnics, outings, travels and to events with the Aquasana® Earth Tote Double. The attractive burlap bag is reinforced to hold two 750ml Aquasana® Glass Water Decanter Bottles. A comfortable shoulder strap and a cane handle give you two ways carry the Tote.

The Earth Tote helps you and your family have access to plenty of filtered, good tasting water wherever you go. Of course, you can also opt to fill your glass bottle with other beverages, but pure, clean water is nature’s best beverage choice! And, along with doing your body a favor, you’ll be helping to preserve the environment.

Every year millions of plastic beverage bottles are dumped into landfills where they take up to 1000 years to disintegrate. Perhaps even worse is the glut of plastic bottles that are simply tossed along trails and riverbanks where they have the potential to harm wildlife and leach toxic chemicals into waterways. With the reusable glass bottles tucked into your Earth Tote Double you’re earth-friendly and environmentally aware.

It’s not only disposal of plastic bottles that impacts the environment. It takes millions of barrels of crude oil to manufacture enough plastic bottles to satisfy America’s annual thirst. Shipments of bottled water are then transported across country, consuming even more nonrenewable energy sources.

Fortunately, America is awakening to the fragile nature of the environment. That’s why Aquasana, the home water filtration system that’s been a Consumers Digest “Best Buy” seven years in a row, is offering several options to customers. Glass bottles and the Earth Tote in both single and double styles make it possible to carry great tasting, filtered water on any journey. With earth friendly products and a water filtration system that’s second to none, Aquasana continues to lead the way to a healthier tomorrow.


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