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Replacement Rhino® EQ-300 Pre-Filter Cartridge 4-Pack: <br>EQ-304

Your Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System provides your family with safe, clean water throughout your home. You can have complete confidence in the quality and clarity of your water each time you turn on the tap for a refreshing drink, for cooking, bathing and showering.

Of course, it's important to keep this effective system working to its maximum potential. That’s why it’s wise to keep an affordable 4-pack of replacement pre-filter cartridges for your Rhino® Whole House Filtration System. By replacing this filter every two to six months, you’ll keep dirt and sediment from making its way into the main filtering unit. Timely replacement of the pre-filter protects your investment and the health of your family.

The Power of the Rhino® Filter

Unfortunately, it’s true that contaminants continue to enter our drinking water supplies. Chemicals and heavy metals appear as a result of our manufacturing and agricultural activities, in addition to being present in nature. For example, asbestos is found in certain rock formations and can leach into water sources. Human activities, of course, have taken a major toll on water quality and traces of chemicals used in dry cleaning, paints, underground storage units and everyday erosion from landfills negatively impacts water quality. The Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System filters out a host of major contaminants before they reach your tap. The byproducts of chlorine treatment are reduced by 99 percent – as is the dangerous presence of lead. The Aquasana® Rhino® system is so effective it earned the Consumer Digest Best Buy honors for seven consecutive years.

Families enjoy and appreciate the Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System – it not only provides great, filtered drinking water, customers also report softer skin and silkier hair within just a week of bathing and showering with Rhino pure water. All these benefits cost your family less than $20 a month! Check the flow of the water in your house and the color of the cartridge to know when to easily replace your pre-filter cartridge and keep all these great benefits flowing!


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