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Replacement Aquasana 2-Stage Shower Filter Cartridge: <br>AQ-4125

An Aquasana shower is a healthy experience that leaves your skin softer, hair silkier and fills your lungs with moist, clean water vapor. The advanced two-stage Aquasana Shower Filter Cartridge is at the heart of this efficient water filtration system, so it’s important make sure you have an affordable replacement cartridge ready to deliver another six months of filtering action.

A Replacement Filter Cartridge delivers the same effective filtration that your family has been enjoying. Your shower water is stripped of harsh chlorine that dries out skin and hair, and robs your body of natural oils. In addition, the vapor from a hot Aquasana® shower is virtually free of contaminants. You can freely breathe in the steamy, invigorating moist air without concern that you’re inhaling a host of potentially harmful chemicals. This health benefit is particularly important for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions that could be exacerbated by inhaling toxins.

Aquasana Filtration Systems enjoy wide popularity and have been officially recognized by one of the nation’s top consumer publications as a “Best Buy.” Rigorous testing of the Aquasana twin-filter system resulted in certification by third party testing agencies. But, Aquasana, an American owned and operated company, was not satisfied with simply meeting standards for the reduction of contaminants. Aquasana tested its filtering system using higher standards and real-world conditions and still exceeded expectations.

Aquasana inspires confidence. Your Aquasana Shower Filtration System delivers results that you experience in your physical well being and your pocketbook. It costs just 23 cents a day to treat your family to showers that support healthy living. Invest today in your two-stage Aquasana® Replacement Filter Cartridge.


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