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Imagine crystal clear and clean water flowing throughout your entire house. With the high capacity Rhino Whole House Water Filter System from Aquasana you can enjoy the many benefits of filtered water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and showering for just pennies a day.

Top National Ratings

Aquasana Water Filtration Systems are among the world’s best, and recognized by Consumers Digest as America’s “best buy” for seven consecutive years. The Rhino® Whole House Water Filter is also certified by the Underwriters Laboratory. Behind these high accolades is advanced water filtration technology that removes and reduces many chemicals and contaminants that commonly appear in tap water.

Public drinking water that’s treated by conventional municipal systems is not free of chemicals that are produced by everyday industrial, agricultural and household activities. Traces of contaminants such as lead, MTBE, mercury and scores of other chemicals appear in tap water – sometimes at levels that cause health concerns.

Benefits for the Whole House

With a Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Water Filter you can be confident in the quality of the filtered water you provide for your family. Not only will you know that drinking water is safe and free of the unpleasant taste of chlorine that’s common in tap water, you’ll also reap benefits when showering and bathing. Aquasana clean water leaves your skin softer and is gentle on your hair. Customers report noticeable changes within a week of use because Aquasana filtered water delivers greatly reduced chlorine and THMs that can be absorbed by the skin.

Invest in the Best

This sophisticated Rhino Whole House Filtering System is surprisingly affordable and easy to install. It has a 300,000 gallon/three-year capacity that’s certified. Your system comes complete and ready to be installed by any plumber within 2.5 hours or less – depending upon the design of your home system. Every three years you’ll want to replace the main filter unit – a task easily done by most home owners without the use of special tools or handyman talents. Once replaced, you’ll be ready for another three years of good, clean and safe water throughout your house.

It costs less than $20 a month to equip your home with the nation’s finest Whole House Water Filter. This great investment in your family’s health is simple to maintain, environmentally sound and provides priceless peace of mind. The Rhino Whole House Water Filter – less expensive than bottled water and with quality that’s measured and assured.

Replacement Rhino® EQ-300 Filter Module: <br>EQ300R
Replacement Rhino® EQ-300 Filter Module:

Every three years your Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System is ready for an affordable replacement filter module that renews the power to deliver pure, clean water to every outlet in your home. Easily install the replacement filter module yourself and count on another 300,000 gallons of Aquasana® safe water for your family.

Replacement Rhino® EQ-300 Pre-Filter Cartridge 4-Pack: <br>EQ-304
Replacement Rhino® EQ-300 Pre-Filter Cartridge 4-Pack:

Keep your powerful Rhino® Whole House Water Filtration System in maximum condition with our Replacement Pre-Filter Cartridge 4-Pack. The convenient and affordable 4-pack allows you to easily replace the pre-filter cartridge every 2 to 6 months to keep sediment and dirt from interfering with the flow of the main filtration unit.

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